The Natalie Jarvis Case: Stabbed In The Neck As A Dare?

Holly Alexis
4 min readAug 11, 2021

[Kent, England]

23 year old Natalie Jarvis had an on and off relationship with a man named Adam Whelehan (23).

On the surface, Adam seemed like a very loving, attentive love interest, but he was extremely mean behind closed doors — mostly about her weight.

In July of 2012, he tweeted “It’s alright to kill someone these days isn’t it? I think I might do it.” The following week, he tweeted “I think I might do it. #murderousmind.”

His friends, Tom Fuller, Matt Woods and Steve Hughes, took note of his posts and began challenging him. Adam continued to see Natalie while his friends consistently egged him on.

By September 30th, one of the men texted Adam asking “kill anyone yet?” He replied with, “Only in my mind.” Three weeks before the horrific event, Adam texted his friends, “I’m going to do JC tomorrow.” JC — standing for James Corden — was a code name that Adam would use to represent Natalie to make fun of her weight.

On October 1st, 2012, he picked up Natalie from her home saying that they were going to grab a bite to eat.

At some point during the ride, Natalie jokingly posted on her Facebook that she had been kidnapped. Her sister, Gemma, called to check up on her where Natalie clarified that she was just joking. Her tone was not filled with fear or hesitation at all. Unbeknownst to her, Adam actually planned to act on his murderous thoughts during that ride. He told his friends that her call to her sister ruined the arrangement. Two days later, Adam contacted her to hang out and try his plan again.

Adam’s friend, Tom Fuller, was hiding in the trunk of the car when Natalie got in.

During the ride, she noticed that the trunk light was on, so they pulled over to inspect the issue. When Natalie tried to determine the problem, Adam grabbed a knife and stabbed her 20 times in the neck. She staggered 150 meters from where she was stabbed before collapsing near the road. Natalie cried and begged for Adam to call her mother, but he picked up her phone and threw it as far as he could away from her. Then Tom hopped into the driver’s seat and drove Adam away. A passerby noticed Natalie’s limp body later that night. Meanwhile, Adam and his friends bought alcohol and cigars to enjoy their night.

The next morning, Adam walked into the police station covered in blood and turned himself in.

His story to investigators was that he acted in self defense after Natalie constantly stalked him. However, their text message records proved that their most recent conversations were cordial ones. Furthermore, the messages sent to his three friends proved his premeditation.

Her father explained the moment having to identify her body. “Men like to think that they are hard as nails and can deal with anything. But when the curtain came back, I felt physically sick. I turned away and then I was on my hands and knees in the toilet, retching, and I could hear Adele’s [her mother] screams”, he explained.

In April of 2013, Adam was sentenced to 26 years in prison.

Tom Fuller was initially charged with murder for being present during Natalie’s killing, but was acquitted. The two other friends were never held accountable for encouraging Adam’s homicidal behavior.

Tom Fuller was later interviewed and asserted, “I do not feel guilt for what Adam did but I do regret how naive I was to get myself involved in the situation. I wish I had done some things differently — like not sending some of the texts I sent Adam, which may have changed the outcome, but we’ll never know. I was just trying to make him laugh, make him feel better about everything.”



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