Mother And Children Burned To Death By Jealous Husband

Holly Alexis
3 min readAug 5, 2021

[Queensland, Australia]

Rowan Charles Baxter was a former rugby player who was married to Hannah (31) and fathered three children with her named, Aaliyah (6) Laianah (4) and Trey (3).

It is believed that the couple separated in November of 2019 after Rowan became sexually, mentally, and financially abusive. They shared a passion for fitness, but Rowan forced Hannah to wear certain outfits to the gym so she wouldn’t supposedly attract attention to herself. He hovered over Hannah’s social media accounts and accused her of being flirtatious with many men. However, he was the one who was actually being unfaithful. Family services assisted Hannah with domestic violence issues and a protection order she took out on Rowan, and ultimately she moved herself and her children into her parent’s home.

After the separation, Rowan was allowed to see the children on the weekends, but the drop offs were always full of tension. During one specific exchange, Rowan grabbed Hannah’s arm and twisted it so hard that it was strained. During another altercation, he attempted to kidnap their oldest child which resulted in police being involved.

On February 19th, 2020, Hannah left the house around 8:00am to take the children to school and daycare. The girls were able to buckle themselves in, but the youngest boy needed help. Hannah cranked the car when suddenly Rowan hopped into the passenger seat and held up a knife while demanding her to drive. She complied for a while until she spotted a neighbor washing his car in his yard. She drove toward him in an attempt to get help, but Rowan acted on his devious plan.

He drenched gas all over his wife, children, and interior of the car before lighting it on fire.

Neighbors and good samaritans ran to the scene trying to help, but Rowan made it clear that he did not want any. He fought them off and demanded them to let his family burn. Hannah was able to free herself from SUV and shout “He poured petrol on me!” Her workout clothes were melting off of her body. Simultaneously, Rowan pulled out a knife and began continuously stabbing himself in the stomach until he fell lifeless near the scene.

Paramedics treated Hannah for burns over 97% of her body as firefighters worked to free the 3 children trapped in their carseats.

Throughout the horrid pain, Hannah was able to articulate a detailed story as to what happened to her and her children, as well as name who was responsible for the terror. Hannah’s father told sources, “To the end she fought to make sure if he survived he got punished doing to her babies. She was so brave. I didn’t know she’d been able to be that detailed. She made sure she got out as much information as possible.”

Aaliyah (6) Laianah (4) and Trey (3) were all killed in flames. Hannah was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, but her body could not recover from all of the intense burns.

Rowan was pronounced dead on the scene from stabbing himself to death.



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