The Alexis Crawford Case: Murdered For Reporting A Sexual Assault

Holly Alexis
4 min readMar 23, 2022

[Atlanta, Georgia]

21-year-old Alexis Crawford had big dreams for herself. She had an intense passion for criminal justice and art. When she wasn’t studying for exams, she was sketching impressive artwork.

Alexis was also really good friends with a girl she met at college named Jordyn Jones. The girls became so close that they decided to move into an apartment together located five minutes from their campus. The two “peas in a pod” were almost inseparable.

On October 26th, 2019, Alexis, Jordyn, and Jordyn’s boyfriend, Barron Brantley, all went out for a night on the town where they got heavily intoxicated.

A little while later, all three returned to the girls’ apartment. Not long after arriving home, Jordyn became sick from her intoxication and went to go lay down. She woke up an hour later to her bathroom door closed and locked with the light on. When she knocked, Barron exited without a shirt on. Alexis was on the bathroom floor unconscious, wearing only a bra. Barron’s immediate words to Jordyn were “I didn’t touch her. I didn’t rape her.” As an argument occurred, Barron stole Jordyn’s car resulting in her calling 911. She explained, “I think something happened to my friend.”

Alexis eventually regained consciousness and distraughtly acknowledged that she was raped. She was immediately transported to a local hospital where she underwent a rape kit. The results confirmed her worst nightmare. Barron’s sperm was positively confirmed to be inside of her.

Following the results of the test, Alexis filed a sexual assault charge against him. Despite the report being successfully filed, police did not pursue him. Barron was able to convince Jordyn that he was so intoxicated that night that he ultimately must have mistaken Alexis for her. The couple reconciled and Jordyn went as far as to lie to her relatives saying Barron’s DNA did not match the rape kit.

On October 27th, Jordyn sneakily allowed Barron back into the apartment although Alexis was deathly afraid of him and still dealing with the trauma from that incident. He continued to stay in the room, even when Jordyn would leave for work.

On October 30th, Alexis happily Facetimed her mother, Tammy. Then she headed to the liquor store where she was caught on surveillance.

That night when Alexis returned, Jordyn finally admitted that Barron had secretly been staying in their home. When a fight broke out, Barron stormed out of the room and began choking Alexis. Shockingly, Jordyn helped murder her friend by smothering her with a plastic bag. Alexis managed to fight back with all of her might and ripped a hole in the bag. However, Barron’s tight chokehold ultimately overpowered Alexis. After murdering her friend, Jordyn allowed her boyfriend to place Alexis’ body in a plastic bin and tote it to the car. They dumped her in a park.

The following day was Halloween, so Jordyn and Barron attended a party as if nothing was wrong. On November 1st, Alexis’ family reported her as missing after they failed to get into contact with her. Jordyn posted to social media addressing the people that were suspecting her to be involved in the disappearance. She said, “The fact that y’all are telling everybody to blow my DMs up is beyond childish… How bout y’all put that same energy y’all putting in to harass me into finding my friend.”

During their investigation, police found traces of blood in the apartment, in addition to surveillance footage showing Jordyn and Barron leaving in the early morning hours on October 31st.

It took until November 8th, 2019, and with her father by her side, for Jordyn to finally confess to helping kill Alexis. She willingly led investigators to her body in the park. Alexis was found wrapped in a blue blanket, bound with a jacket, and had a t-shirt wrapped around her neck. There was also a garbage bag over her head.

Jordyn and Barron are currently being held in jail for murder and their trial dates have not yet been set.



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