150 Controversial Questions That Get You Thinking…A Lot.

Holly Alexis
8 min readNov 9, 2022


Trigger warning with some questions.

  1. Should juveniles be able to be executed?

2. You’re on trial for a crime you know you didn’t commit. Your mother needs to testify to prove your innocence or you’ll get 10 years in prison, but she’s dying of cancer. Are you asking her to still come to trial?

3. Would you force your child to try new foods?

4. If your child was severely intellectually or physically disabled, would you send them to like a group home?

5. Is a pregnant woman lazy if she doesn’t work only because she’s pregnant?

7. Whose responsibility is it to rehabilitate prisoners? The state or the prisoners?

8. Is asking how someone died considered rude?

9. If you were trying to flee from an abusive spouse and had a child with them but knew that if you took the child with you that you would get a kidnapping charge, are you still taking them with you when you flee?

10. Should elderly people get lighter sentences when they commit crimes?

11. Would you argue with a cop if you knew they were wrong about you speeding?

12. Would you defend your s/o in public even if you knew they were ultimately in the wrong?

13. Is it the same type of “rescuing” if you adopt from a breeder rather than if you adopted from a shelter?

14. Do you think there is life on other planets?

15. Is raising a child gender-neutral confusing to them?

16. In a relationship, is it wrong to click on the opposite sex’s profile and check out their page?

17. Should a friend who purposely but jokingly pushes their friend into a pool and paralyzes them have to serve jail time?

18. Is it okay for an 11-year-old to walk home from school?

19. Does congratulating people on weight loss or weight gain enforce the idea that weight is important?

20. If your first spouse died and you re-marry, who would you want to be buried next to?

21. If you were 12 years old and found out that you were switched at birth, would you want to live with your bio-fam or the one that resided with you until that point?

22. Is it weird to breastfeed a three-year-old?

23. Should minors get in trouble for possessing nicotine products? Example: vapes

24. Teenage girls having access to birth control without parental supervision: yes or no?

25. If you were passed down a piece of land that your grandparents worked hard to get, but got an offer for 1 million dollars for the property, are you giving it up?

26. If your teenager asked you to drive and pick them up from a house party, are you doing it?

27. Do police have the right to shoot a man who just walks out of his house with a knife?

28. Should community service be a class that students have to take?

29. A diabetic refrained from taking their insulin one morning because they were in a rush. On the way to work, they go into shock and crash into another person (killing them). Should the diabetic be given jail time because they chose not to take their insulin that morning?

30. Does an 8-year-old understand their responsibility if they commit a crime?

31. Do girls face more peer pressure than boys?

32. Should mail-in voter ballots be banned?

33. Should people who chose not to evacuate due to the hurricane be given help now to recover?

34. Should we be giving money to other countries?

35. Should illegal immigrants be given benefits the minute they get to America even though they didn’t pay taxes into it?

36. Does the government control the weather?

37. Now that Biden is president, are you satisfied with him?

38. Should the media be allowed to censor content that is published?

39. Is it a parent’s fault if their child runs off in a store and gets lost?

40. Should alcoholics be allowed to receive a liver transplant?

41. Does holding your baby every time they cry ultimately spoil them?

42. Would you take your baby to the bar if it was a birthday party you really wanted to go to but couldn’t find a sitter?

43. Should boys be allowed to play with toy guns?

44. Would you work an extremely hard job that was taking a toll on you if the pay was good?

45. If you wanted kids with someone and they weren’t able to conceive with you, are you leaving them?

46. Do you beep at people while driving?

47. If you run a store and see someone stealing food, are you calling the cops?

48. Should you take children to gay pride festivals?

49. Should students get in trouble for being tardy?

50. If a doctor is performing a surgery and discovers the patient needs another surgery too, should they go ahead and perform it while the person is under?

51. If you borrow someone’s car, should you put gas in it before returning it?

56. If you were adopted, would you want to know your birth parents?

57. Could you be with someone just for money?

58. Should you pay your child to get good grades?

59. Do you lay in bed with your “outside” clothes on?

60. If someone has company over and their dog is really hyper, should the homeowner put the dog up for the time being?

61. Should you have kids by the time you’re 30?

62. Would the world be boring if everyone was equal?

63. Should the government impose diet control for citizens to avoid health problems?

64. Would you tell on your co-worker who was stealing medicine to help their chronically ill child?

65. Is it okay to lie if it is to prevent hurting someone’s feelings?

66. Should we hunt bears?

67. Is Halloween an evil holiday?

68. Does having free Narcan promote drug use?

69. Could you stay with your s/o if they had a secret child they never told you about before meeting you?

70. Should a landlord be able to walk into the property they own without any warning?

77. Your s/o tragically passes away. You go through their phone and find out they were cheating on you the whole time. Would you still attend their funeral?

78. If your friend had on an ugly outfit and asked you what you thought, are you lying and saying it looks good?

79. Who makes better managers?

80. Is it wrong for a therapist to disclose to parents that their child is being bullied at school?

89. Should someone who had no idea they had an STD but gave it to another person still have to cover the person they gave it to’s medical bills?

90. Is a pregnant woman in a club considered distasteful?

91. If the only thing a homeless person wanted from you was a beer, would you give it to them?

92. You witness a child being kidnapped by an armed man. Are you chasing after them or only calling the police?

93. Is co-sleeping with an infant safe?

94. Do c-section mothers go through just as much pain as mothers that deliver naturally?

95. Should a girl be able to play football with boys?

96. Would you feel just as safe with a female officer coming to your aid in comparison to a male officer?

97. You see the maid of honor and groom kissing before a wedding. Are you telling the bride and ruining the wedding or minding your business?

98. Is it wrong to propose at someone else’s wedding?

99. A father who is separated from the mother is buying his child Christmas presents but knows that there are half-siblings in the house too. Should he also buy them a present?

100. Is it wrong for a parent to kick out their 16-year-old for getting pregnant?

101. Would you invite your friend who is trying to stay sober to a birthday party where you know alcohol will be present?

102. Are you telling the cashier if they give you more change back than you were actually due?

103. Is it possible to steal money from someone you’re married to?

104. Would you jump into a physical fight that your s/o was in if you saw them losing?

105. You’re a teacher and have a star student in the class that started becoming absent for medical reasons. You notice their final paper is plagiarized. Are you going to fail them?

106. You are fostering a troubled teen that becomes too much to handle. Are you asking for them to return to the foster home?

107. Would you up and move to a different state only because of your s/o’s job?

108. Should women who falsely accuse someone of rape face just a legal fine or jail time?

109. If an aggressive dog wandering neighborhood streets mauls someone to death, should the dog’s owner be put in jail?

110. Is it always a homeless person’s fault for being homeless?

111. Should someone lose their job for a DUI?

112. Should stores have a “customer only” rule for bathrooms?

113. Is it weird to bring your 12-year-old son to the women’s bathroom with you?

114. Could you forgive someone that killed your loved one?

115. Is your neighborhood/apartment complex safe enough for your kids to play outside by themselves?

116. Is it wrong to smoke weed while pregnant?

117. Does a step-parent have just as much right to discipline the child as the biological parent?

118. If your s/o was in an argument with someone in public but you knew they were in the wrong, are you correcting them in front of everyone?

119. Does someone who gets weight loss surgery work just as hard to lose weight as someone who does it naturally?

120. Is it wrong for a father to play video games every night?

121. Is being a waitress considered a “real job”??

122. Does it make someone a bad parent if they don’t want to play with their child?

123. Should you be able to fly if you are not vaccinated?

124. Should doctors stop prescribing pain pills?

125. If you had the opportunity, would you get rich doing illegal things?

126. Is it rude to walk into a restaurant to eat if they’re closing in 30 minutes?

127. Should the driver get in trouble if their passenger has an open alcoholic beverage they’re drinking?

128. Should the parents of a teenage school shooter get charged if the teen took THEIR guns?

129. A suicidal person purposely crashes their car into another car and kills those passengers. Should the suicidal driver be jailed or sent to a mental facility?

130. Is it always the parent’s fault for their child being a bully?

131. Do you believe we have actually been to the moon?

132. Does a relationship or marriage ALWAYS change when a baby is brought into the picture?

133. Would you allow your young son to paint his nails?

144. If a girl hits a boy, is that fair game for the boy to hit her back?

145. If you were dating someone and had an ex of theirs reach out saying they were abusive, are you leaving the person you’re dating?

146. Do you believe our phones listen to our conversations?

147. Should a surrogate be limited on how many babies they can birth?

148. A chiropractor incorrectly adjusts a patient and causes paralysis. Should the chiropractor face jail time?

149. Are end-of-grade exams an effective way to determine if a child is ready to move up a grade?

150. Would you allow your 18-year-old to drink at your house with friends?



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